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Hosted by Rob the Hyena, The Prank Show is a LIVE, Radio Podcast that airs Saturday Nights @ 9pm PST / 10pm CST / 11pm MST / 12am EST. If you want to participate in our wacky antics call Area-Code (5O5) Prefix 796 Line-Number 5 SIXTY NINE 5 or Skype us at ThePrankShow.


Episode Guide

The Prank Show :: 2011-10-08 :: Episode 0018 :: Giggity, Giggity!

Aired On: Sat, 8 Oct 2011 21:03:13

RTH tries to copout of doing any work by putting out a shitty clip show; but HBB convinces him not to be such a slacker. We call our favorite Alton, Illinois Domino's for a mic check. RTH helps out hungry customers by getting 711 to reduce their hotdog prices by 50%. Staci, RTH, and RBCP help a T-Mobile customer come back to AT&T by crapping on his balls. We catch an AT&T customer making phone calls to pornographic 900 numbers. RBCP's meth lab is causing his apartment to fill with mold. HBB wants her apartment filled with sand. No one wants to pay cleaning fees for vomit. IO becomes the new safety inspector at the San Francisco Made Up Department of Health & Safety. RTH tries to order floaty boobs off Craigslist; giggity, giggity. By the end of the show everyone is telling RTH to check his facts because he's a fucking idiot.

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0018.mp3

The Prank Show :: 2011-10-01 :: Episode 0017 :: I Don't Even Know What You're Doing Out of the Kitchen?

Aired On: Sat, 1 Oct 2011 21:05:12

Being the good samaritans we are, we warn a Denny's restaurant about an impending flash mob. The second Denny's we call turns out be an insane asylum. HBB's computer explodes from a reverse Skype bomb. Sudo takes a wiz live on the air. Not Brad catches a Denny's slacken off, then they refuse to bring us soda. Managers at Denny's smoke too much. r0xy announces her return to Cacti Radio. We call a gigantic Denny's and tell them to empty out those fucking banquet halls; yep Denny's has banquet halls, and karaoke bars too. A very helpful Denny's restaurant begins to doubt the legitimacy of our call. RBCP calls into the show to hear RTH play a prerecorded call to Hoover Vacuums where he requests a multipurpose dick mite sucking, abortion performing, cat shaving, nipple milking, liposuction unit; ha ha you said unit. Callers offer RTH blowjobs, lap dances, and cactus shaped dildos in exchange for random shit laying around the studio. RBCP wants 711 employees to leave him voicemails. Evil Artie is flaccid so we rectify the situation by giving him bags of Canadian milk; unfortunately he can't hold down his milk and he pukes up it all over a 711 bathroom. Upset about his dysfunctional pipes Evil Artie heads to Home Depot to up pick up a few day labors, then he beats his girlfriend for making him a crappy sandwich. We steal an answering machine from a Goodwill and find a song recorded on it by a band named TAS 1000.

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0017.mp3

The Prank Show :: 2011-09-24 :: Episode 0016 :: Cactus Scout's Honor!

Aired On: Sat, 24 Sep 2011 21:07:01

We dedicate this episode to the insanely talented wingsuit flyer Jeb Corliss. Skype attempts to derail The Prank Show, and they almost succeed. RTH invents the extreme Insult Game Show; he gives away real prizes too, no foolies. A pretty big portion of the game show's contestants take to insulting random people like a drunk to beer. Not Brad is not funny, but he may be John. People need to stop beating Denny's waitresses with ugly sticks. We also learn that Denny's employees have very tiny dicks, I mean waffles. HBB orders some nutritious cactus pizza to combat her horrible diabetes. RTH wants his pizza covered in ranch dressing and shit on. Jack of K announces he has two left feet, but no one cares. The Prank Show crew gets caught in the middle of a pizza restaurant turf war. A cute pair of lesbians get horribly sick from rat fur at a Denny's and demand compensation. As the shit sandwich is wrapping up, Rappy McRapperson calls in to tell all his friends in radioland "to pull down their pants and start whacking off, with a plastic bag over their head, while they're driving in traffic."

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0016.mp3

The Prank Show :: 2011-09-17 :: Episode 0015 :: Is there a Doctor on the Flight?

Aired On: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 21:00:47

The Prank Show gang plugs members of Motherless dot com. RBCP uses Tinychat to pick up dudes for dates, while wearing his most slimming hat. We learn some nifty furniture hacking tricks from @AlanZuckerman. Apparently a lot of pizza joints won't deliver to doctors. RBCP and RTH discuss the nuances of Futurama and all things human-horn. The crew gets lost in San Francisco so we call up a very helpful Subway restaurant for metro prices and routes. RBCP has us call an Applebees to apologize for releasing rats in their kitchen. Walmart security beats our asses with a box of dildos. Tasty Garden gives us two girls for the price of one; they even throw in a complimentary happy ending. HBB gets so drunk from Plan B's booze that she falls out of her chair, losing her pregnancy. Some guy's daughter lies to her daddy about ordering swords from RBCP. RTH recruits a bunch of girls to dance at Brad's Cactus Shack. And John from the Domino's Pizza in Alton, Illinois gives us a mic check and we give him some free anger management lessons.

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0015.mp3

The Prank Show :: 2011-09-10 :: Episode 0014 :: All Your Cakes Are Belong To Us!

Aired On: Sat, 10 Sep 2011 21:02:01

This week The Prank Show crew spends most of the night ordering airplane cakes to smash into building cakes. Legend fills in as our resident drunk, to the point where he falls into a bug zapper. r0xy explains why Pink Shirt Guy thinks lesbians love sex with dogs. Some guy named Bryson tries to set RTH up on a date with his friend Hot Cakes. A dude calls in and begins to puke violently because he found nude photos of r0xy on Tumblr. Cake makers apparently don't like lesbian weddings. HBB gets stuck with a dick cake instead of the monkey cake we ordered her. RBCP makes a vain attempt to hijack the show, unfortunately he gets side tracked by r0xy. We learn you don't need to pass Kindergarden to work at a Whole Foods. A guy calls in looking for baseball card suppositories. Machetes are so popular, callers are willing to move dead bodies to get their hands on them.

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0014.mp3

The Prank Show :: 2011-09-03 :: Episode 0013 :: Hash Tag Cacti Radio!

Aired On: Sat, 3 Sep 2011 21:00:09

Starting the month off with a bang RTH manages to piss off half the Twitterverse. Cacti Radio earns itself a hash tag. Twitter Twatter @DabneyPorte learns she can't operate a phone with Twinkies in her ears. @AlanZuckerman believes there's a mass Roy New Mexico conspiracy to force him into his mom's basement to play Dungeons and Dragons. RBCP's house gets fire bombed and his dog gets herpes. RTH wants to hire Sudo's Vegas buddy to DJ his daughter's wedding. And Staci, I mean r0xy, OMG I mean Ohemgee... never mind, you know what fuck it, just listen to the damn podcast.

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0013.mp3

The Prank Show :: 2011-08-27 :: Episode 0012 :: The Fun Phone Prank Show!

Aired On: Sat, 27 Aug 2011 21:05:12

Staci, RBCP, and RTH co-co-co-host a Fun Phone Prank Show crossover episode... because they're lazy. RTH drives a Dish Network customer over the edge; way, way over the edge! RBCP tells a Twitter complainer who calls Cacti Radio that he's just the janitor. RTH tries to prank a Staples' customer but the plan backfires when her husband gets on the phone. All the callers on the line become enraged and decide to beat up RBCP, RTH, and Staci when they hang up on everyone. The Cacti Radio hosting crew call a few QuikTrips to inform them they've detected a bunch of counterfeit bills in their registers. One QuikTrip employee decides to stash his weed under the counter and the Cacti Radio hosting crew call him out. So sit back and enjoy cause it's fun, it's a show, and it's also a show, so keep your preferred streaming client logged till we say farewell, fuck telephone, live on the air, WTF, all your pranks are belong to us... Cactus!!!

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0012.mp3

The Prank Show :: 2011-08-20 :: Episode 0011 :: Your children will be placed in the custody of Carl's Jr.

Aired On: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 21:01:32

In this installment of The Prank Show we take the Cacti Radio live stream all over our faces after RBCP does an impromptu Phone Show an hour before us. Tabachi professes his love for a girl he's been harassing for years. Laugh Track Matt and RTH discuss the nuances of Aqua Teen Hunger Force versus Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1. RTH has a meltdown over some unresolved Def Con issues. Laugh Track Matt needs to STFU when people are explaining how a gag works. HBB calls into the show covertly, after her parental units revoke her PLA privileges because every article in the Phone Losers of America book is both real and detrimental to child development. Tabachi and Acidpez give us one bad phone number after another. We call Evie and RBCP while they're out trying to enjoy a scrumptious meal, causing them to lose their children into the custody of Carl's Jr. Tabachi and RTH set up a game to play with the listeners so The Prank Show can give out fabulous prizes... but then they decide to take a nap instead. Please enjoy podcast number 11. Fuck You!

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0011.mp3

The Prank Show :: 2011-07-09 :: Episode 0005 :: I'm the Gator Hunter!

Aired On: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 21:00:37

In The Prank Show's fifth episode the crew manages to travel back in time, via Travis Bickle's cab; becoming elite members of TLC's L.A. Ink production team. RTH dedicates the show to his 80 year old, wacky, orphan, prank pulling grandfather. Tabachi whores himself out to GoGirl. Legend asks for a little Vodka in his rice. Sudo and HBB help some guy named Kevin become the new face of Extenze. Kevin decides to express his appreciation by writing The Prank Show's name on his ass. In exchange for some extra dick pics, for RBCP, RTH does some dirty work for Kevin. Tabachi wants to know what kind of panties everyone is wearing. RBCP calls a movie theater to complain about a few hundred bees he released during the movie Zookeeper. RTH calls another theater to ask the night manager if she can slather him in a bucket of delicious, artificial butter flavoring.

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0005.mp3

The Prank Show :: 2011-07-02 :: Episode 0004 :: You One of Those Little Midget People?

Aired On: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 21:30:15

The Prank Show explodes for 30 minutes due to a Bombfast strike. Laugh Track Matt might be in jail or passed out drunk. RTH denounces some of last week's sponsors. RBCP beige boxes into the show from BadFish's backyard. RTH makes an mp3 out of a D.R.U.G.S. video to cheer up HBB. Amway employees are on the other line or on unemployment. 420 Laws suggest we bleep ourselves from time to time. An angry old Twitter lady learns the connotations of 69; while her husband claims to be the Walmart chief of police. Trevor reveals his A.T. and Love for Word Art. Sudo loses her DMEC. Tabachi tries to a return a cellphone to Walmart but the night manager can't give us directions from the Big Dick Statue. A cute Walmart employee tells us all about her porn collection and stripper heels, before her manager gets on the phone and threatens to beat up RTH. Sudo and HBB make a few of their own prank calls into the show. By the end of the show a lot of people are in tears, some even from laughter.

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0004.mp3

The Prank Show :: 2011-06-25 :: Episode 0003 :: Did you have the Lunchbox and the Dildo?

Aired On: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 21:00:05

Chris Ellerbeck emails The Prank Show with a Katy Perry song request. HBB almost blows her hand off with a firecracker. RTH drops an FYI on the listeners about show etiquette. Laugh Track Matt is sad because his porno projector is broken; so he calls a restaurant to make a new friend. Legend tries to order himself a Travis Bickle. RTH gets the trots. HBB finds a rat tail in her curry. Indian restaurant owners get really upset when you ask them to make your daughter a burger with fries; and their employees don't like health inspections. Sudo is in love with Jenn's forehead. r0xy blows a midget with fetal alcohol syndrome. Trevor needs to buy a headset. RTH acts as Legend's wingman to help him score a date with Miss Lee Majors.

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0003.mp3

The Prank Show :: 2011-06-18 :: Episode 0002 :: It's the Prank Desk!

Aired On: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 21:01:11

This episode features the lyrical mastery of Rappy McRapperson as he sings jaunty tunes about robots from outer space. We make a lot of hotel prank calls and we also listen to some pre-recorded calls to a Roadway Inn done by Prank Show hosts Rob the Hyena and Laugh Track Matt. RTH explains why you can't have drugs and prostitutes in your hotel room. IO gets banned for telling RTH how to run his show. r0xy gets offended when IO tells her she should kill her dog, instead of boarding it when she goes to Def Con. Trevor pleads for Def Con funding. HBB gives RTH a bunch of hotel phone numbers where all the guests think he's from INS. Florida hotel employees will believe anything you tell them, so long as you say you work for Disney. Some old guy doesn't care that doing drugs in his hotel room sets a bad example for his kids. A Swiss couple learn they smell like moldy cheese; and their next door neighbor gets really pissed when we ask her to go pick up their dirty laundry. We tell people they can't have cock fights in their rooms. And some guy named Frank goes ballistic on RTH, telling him to "check your fucking facts you ijit;" after RTH tells him his credit card is being charged a $400 vomit cleaning fee.

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0002.mp3

The Prank Show :: 2011-06-11 :: Episode 0001 :: Silly Customer, You Cannot Hurt A Twinkie!

Aired On: Sat, 11 Jun 2011 21:16:35

The Prank Show is hosted by Rob the Hyena and brought to you by Carl's Jr. Episode 1 features RTH's quirky co-host and sidekick Laugh Track Matt, his awesome producer HBB, his wacky friend and 3rd chair Trevor, and a bunch of other Phone Losers including IO and RBCP. The Prank Show would like to thank 711 Corporate, Soundwave, and Jesus for a great first show.

Direct Download: the-prank-show-episode-0001.mp3